Creating and Spreading Joy

Tasty Treats was released in 2016 crafted with love and delicacy.

Enter the sweetest adventure and travel through magical lands of candy-like treats. Splash and crush blocks of the same color to clear the level with your furry best friends! Make the most delicious combinations and get through challenging levels full of fun! Smash fruits together and match the rarest treats to feed your animal friends.

Remember, they don’t all eat the same! Jam, jelly, popcorn, cupcakes and more treats are on the menu for you to discover in this land of tasty, tasty treats!

Tap Hero is our small adventure into casual RPG in 2015.

Great evils are sealed inside crystals around the world, and monsters will never stop in releasing their masters! As a hero, you are the only one who can fight the monsters and protect the crystal seals!

Tap and hold to slay all monsters. Tap to use skills in battles. Tap to upgrade your hero and your guardian. Tap to unlock legendary weapons. Protect the crystal by tapping away all threats!

Evolution VR is a top-selling VR game released in 2016.

Dive into an alien world and evolve a creature of your design to be the top of the food chain. Guide your creature to attack smaller prey and avoid predators with motion controls. Fully customize your creature’s body parts and abilities, unlocking more as you grow. Explore beautiful and dangerous worlds with larger predators around every corner. Become the most fearsome creature on the planet!

* This game requires the HTC VIVE headset to play.

Magic Tavern is a place where various bards, mystics, necromancers and wizards join forces to create whimsical worlds for human.

We breathe and build games.

Having products featured by Apple and Google hundreds of times and winning applause in GDC, we develop and publish fun games from mobile, tablet to VR. We are frantically fueled by the surprise and joy people experienced in our creation, based upon our faith of delivering to the complex world some simple delightful moments.

Our veteran team has previously produced and led games with hundreds of millions of players. We know art, technology and emotional design. And we know on top of those are passion and working as a team.

Magic Tavern runs in a flat, dynamic, ever-learning and crazy environment. We hope you'll come find your fun.

A Brief History

  • 2013

  • Summer

    First Office Set Up

  • Autumn

    Created and stored a lot of prototypes before winter is coming

  • 2014

  • Refine prototypes and start building alpha versions

    Worked very hard and didn’t play Journey and Monument Valley more than 10 times

  • November, 2014

    Office Set Up in San Francisco

  • 2015

  • February, 2015

    Jolly Jam Released

    Featured in 183 countries on App Store,
    and in 116 countries on Google Play.

  • April, 2015

    Jolly Jam Reached 2,000,000 Players

  • November, 2015

    Tap Hero Released

    Released on App Store and Google Play.

  • 2016

  • July, 2016

    Tasty Treats Released

    Released on App Store and Google Play.

  • August, 2016

    Evolution VR Submitted to Steam Greenlight

    We got supported and approved shortly after the submission.

  • November, 2016

    Evolution VR Released

    More than 20,000 players installed and played our game. Massive positive reviews received.

  • 2017

  • July, 2017

    Tasty Treats Reached 1,000,000 Players

  • Autumn, 2017

    Project BENG Released

    Featured 100+ times by both App Store and Google Play.

  • OCTOBER, 2017

    Project BENG Reached 2,000,000 Players

  • 2018

  • March, 2018

    Project XING Started

  • May, 2018

    Project BENG Reached 10,000,000 Players

    More than 1,000,000 happy souls play our game every day!

  • 2020

  • March, 2020

    Project BENG Reached 100,000,000 Players

    More than 4,000,000 happy souls play our game every day!


San Francisco, US

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